is a little village in Lower Austria, one of the nine provinces of Austria. It is situated roughly 30 kms north of the River Danube.

The village has about 600 inhabitants. Its location is right at the edge of the largest wooded area of Austria. Thus the village itself and the surrounding countryside are attractive tourist spots. People say the landscape is very similar to that of southern Sweden, with shallow valleys and rolling hills.

Quite a while ago, Gutenbrunn used to be a place of pilgrimage. Later, in the 19th century, logging companies used the surrounding forests to provide firewood for Vienna, which was transported there with the help of streams and rivers. More recently, glass was produced in Gutenbrunn. At that time, the population exceeded a thousand.

Nowadays, jobs are scarce in the village itself and in the surrounding areas, forcing an essential part of the work force to commute. This has also lead to a reduction of the number of inhabitants because people have tended to move to places where jobs are available.

The main attractions for tourists in our village are walking, fishing, and swimming in summer and  cross country skiing in winter. There is also a small mansion in the village, which is not open to the public.

Here you'll find a short aerial video of the village.

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